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Counterfeit Documents

When allowed to proliferate, fraudulent documents can have a devastating impact on both the integrity and infrastructure of financial systems, as well as the security of a nation. Technologies such as digital imaging software, scanners, color printing devices, and the Internet have paved the way for criminals to easily create an array of fraudulent documents. This improved capability of the counterfeiter, coupled with a lack of knowledge of genuine features by the acceptors of these instruments, has contributed to their escaping detection.
Combating counterfeiting not only requires attention from law enforcement but also a concerted effort from manufacturers. Document issuers, financial institutions, and retailers that accept documents as means for transactions. The purpose of this article is to focus on the role of forensic document examiners (FDEs) and objective examinations. They conduct in order to differentiate counterfeit or forged from genuine. If you wish to buy fake documents online, please contact us for more information.

Types of Counterfeit Documents

As the technology to make false documents has become much more readily available, counterfeiters have found increased ease, success, and profits in making false government documents, including:
    Drivers licenses
    Social Security Cards
    Green Cards

Because of the considerable problems that these and other types of counterfeit documents may cause. Penalties for this type of crime are often much more severe than those for similar types of criminal activity.

Understanding of Materials Chemistry

Understanding the materials chemistry of the component parts of the secure identity document. It is another important consideration for optimizing document security and quality. If a document manufacturer is creating a multi-layered product, for example, it is important that. The individual layers be free of contamination and chemically compatible with one another. To allow for lamination. Inks and other security features must be appropriately selected for the application to avoid impeding the lamination process.  Furthermore, 2ndlicesne is a place to buy fake documents online without being worried.
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